Expert Staircase, Furniture Repair & Restoration

Expert staircase and furniture repair and restoration in Stockport, Manchester, Cheshire, Derbyshire and all surrounding areas.

When you decide on having an item of furniture or a tired staircase re-polished then look no further.

Every piece is dealt with in a careful and professional manner.

Having an eye for detail is what matters most, giving you total peace of mind in the finished product.

Simon’s Furniture & Staircase Restoration – Restoration at its best!

Victorian / Edwardian Staircase Restoration

A staircase reconstruction project carried out properly means you can be assured it won’t move or creak, so you need to choose someone with a comprehensive understanding of traditional staircase construction techniques.

Hiring someone without that knowledge means your staircase reconstruction project could end in disappointment for you and your family. A staircase reconstructed incorrectly can be dangerous, especially on the higher floors. It always pays to do the job properly.

Whatever the age of your staircase project, a comprehensive knowledge of how your staircase was built is essential. To restore a staircase correctly means carefully reversing its original construction. Finding the right person to restore your staircase will be your first and most important decision.

Simon’s Furniture & Staircase Restoration has the knowledge, skill and experience to do that job properly.

I can not only repair or fully restore the staircase’s structure, but also completely strip and re-polish the finish.

Spindles and fittings are duplicated precisely to match with finishing done using traditional methods of French polishing or using hard-wearing lacquer and paint finishes as appropriate.

A beautiful, safe and secure staircase is only ever possible using the very best techniques and materials. 

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Furniture & Staircase Restoration

Looking to restore your wooden staircase or maybe a special piece of furniture? Is it looking tired and worn?

With many years experience of staircase and furniture restoration and working with many types of timber. I can help.

Rest assured you’re in safe hands. By only using the best methods and highest quality materials I can revive your your staircase to its former glory.

If required, this can also be tinted or coloured to match your home beautifully.

Simon's Furniture & Staircase Restoration in Stockport

Covering all aspects of restoration:

From priceless items of antique furniture to large company reception areas, you will be assured you’re in professional hands.

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