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Furniture Restoration

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Furniture restoration is an intricate process that combines artistry, craftsmanship, and meticulous attention to detail. At Simons Staircases and Furniture, we have been specialising in restoring and renovating furniture for over 30 years, offering a wide range of services to clients throughout the Northwest of England. Whether you have a cherished antique that needs rejuvenation or a piece of modern furniture that requires a bit of TLC, our team of skilled professionals is here to help.

Understanding Furniture Restoration

Furniture restoration involves returning a piece of furniture to its former glory, preserving its original aesthetic and functional value. This can include repairing structural damage, replacing missing parts, refinishing surfaces, and more. The primary goal is to maintain the integrity and authenticity of the piece while enhancing its appearance and usability.

Types of Furniture Restoration

  1. Antique Furniture Restoration
    • This involves careful handling of delicate and often valuable items, using techniques that respect the piece’s historical and cultural significance.
  2. Modern Furniture Restoration
    • This focuses on contemporary pieces, employing methods that suit modern materials and construction techniques.
  3. Custom Restoration Projects
    • These are tailored to the specific needs and desires of the client, often involving bespoke work and unique finishes.

The Restoration Process

The restoration process typically involves several key steps, each crucial to achieving a high-quality result.

  1. Assessment and Evaluation
    • Before any work begins, a thorough assessment of the piece is conducted to identify any damage, wear, or other issues. This helps in planning the restoration process and estimating the time and cost involved.
  2. Cleaning
    • Cleaning is an essential first step, removing dirt, grime, and old finishes to reveal the true condition of the wood and other materials.
  3. Repair and Stabilisation
    • This stage involves fixing any structural issues, such as loose joints, broken parts, or missing elements. It may require the use of specialised tools and techniques to ensure the piece is sturdy and functional.
  4. Surface Preparation
    • The surface is prepared for refinishing through sanding, stripping old paint or varnish, and filling in any cracks or holes.
  5. Refinishing
    • Refinishing includes applying new paint, varnish, or stain to restore the piece’s original look. This may involve multiple coats and meticulous attention to detail to achieve the desired finish.
  6. Final Touches
    • The final touches involve polishing, waxing, or sealing the piece to protect it and enhance its appearance. This step ensures the furniture looks beautiful and is ready for use.

Techniques and Materials Used

At Simons Staircases and Furniture, we employ a range of techniques and materials to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

Traditional Techniques

  1. French Polishing
    • A method of applying shellac to wood to create a high-gloss finish. It is particularly popular for antique furniture due to its beautiful, deep shine.
  2. Hand Sanding
    • Hand sanding allows for greater control and precision, especially on intricate details and delicate surfaces.
  3. Wood Veneering
    • This involves applying a thin layer of high-quality wood veneer to the surface of a piece to enhance its appearance.

Modern Techniques

  1. Spray Finishing
    • Spray finishing is used for a smooth, even application of paint or varnish, especially on large surfaces.
  2. Durable Lacquers
    • High-performance lacquers provide a hard-wearing, protective finish suitable for heavily used furniture.
  3. Safe Paint Removal
    • Using advanced sanding filter systems to safely remove lead-based paints and other hazardous materials.

Bespoke Services

One of the standout features of our service offering is our bespoke restoration solutions. We can create custom handrails, spindles, and other components to match existing designs, extend staircases, or create unique pieces of furniture tailored to our client’s specifications. Our colour-matching service ensures that any wood stain or paint is precisely matched to the desired colour and finish.

Case Studies

Antique Dining Table Restoration

A client brought in a Victorian-era dining table that had been in their family for generations. The table had significant surface damage, loose joints, and several missing pieces of veneer. Our team carefully cleaned and repaired the table, replaced the missing veneer, and applied a French polish finish. The result was a stunningly restored table that retained its historical charm and was ready for many more years of use.

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Revamp

Another project involved modernising a set of kitchen cabinets. The cabinets were structurally sound but had outdated finishes and hardware. We removed the old paint, repaired any damage, and applied a sleek, modern finish with durable lacquer. New hardware was installed, giving the kitchen a fresh, contemporary look.

The Benefits of Furniture Restoration

  1. Preservation of Value
    • Restoring furniture can maintain or even increase its value, particularly for antique pieces.
  2. Sustainability
    • Restoration is an eco-friendly option, reducing the need for new materials and minimising waste.
  3. Sentimental Value
    • Many pieces of furniture have sentimental value, and restoration allows families to keep these cherished items in their homes for generations.
  4. Cost-Effectiveness
    • Restoration is often more cost-effective than buying new high-quality furniture, providing a budget-friendly way to maintain a beautiful home.

Choosing the Right Restoration Service

When selecting a restoration service, it is important to consider the following factors:

  1. Experience and Expertise
    • Look for a company with a proven track record and skilled craftsmen who specialise in the type of restoration you need.
  2. Quality of Materials
    • Ensure the service uses high-quality materials and techniques to achieve the best results.
  3. Customer Service
    • A good restoration service will provide excellent customer support, from initial consultation to final delivery.

Why Choose Simons Staircases and Furniture?

At Simons Staircases and Furniture, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. With over three decades of experience, our team has the expertise to handle any restoration project, big or small. We use only the finest materials and techniques to ensure every piece we work on is restored to its full potential. Our bespoke services and attention to detail set us apart from the competition, making us the go-to choice for furniture restoration in the Northwest of England.

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Furniture restoration is a valuable and rewarding process that brings new life to old and damaged pieces. Whether you have a treasured antique or a modern piece in need of a refresh, Simons Staircases and Furniture offers the expertise and dedication to deliver outstanding results. By preserving the integrity and beauty of your furniture, we help you maintain a home filled with character, history, and style.

For more information on our services or to schedule a consultation, please visit our website at Simons Staircases and Furniture. Let us help you restore and enhance your beloved furniture pieces, ensuring they remain a cherished part of your home for years to come.

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